What if you could work with a payment solution provider that cared for your gamers as much as you do and that invests in and supports the entire gaming and esports ecosystem from players and teams through to leagues and tournaments.

Neosurf is that payment provider and everything we do is grounded in our three core pillars that we aim to enhance for every gamer everywhere.


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Many brands look to esports from the perspective of “what can esports do for me?” We believe a better approach is…

“What can we do for esports?”

The Neosurf Cup 2020 🏆

It was the first time fans saw both sides’ new rosters in action ahead of the 2020 League of Legends European Championship (LEC) season. 

“Excel Esports’ Neosurf Cup was a great British display of esports” 🇬🇧

Read the full Esports Insider article here.

We are in it together

These companies are set up to drive excellence in esports across…

Competition – Community Engagement – Commercialisation

and were the perfect partners for Neosurf as we began this journey.

Neosurf EHPC Partnership


High performance facility accelerating success for esports teams in ANZ. Bringing professionalism to all esports & to help grow the industry from grass roots through to elite​

Neosurf partner with K1ck

K1ck Neosurf

K1CK is a legal and registered Esports brand with over 850 awards that originated from a Multigaming Club. Alive and K1cking since 1998.

Excel Esports Neosurf Partnership

Excel Esports

Leading UK-based gaming and esports entertainment brand.


The Official OPL Partners 💪

The Neosurf team was OVER excited (probably the right amount of excited ;P) to be the presenting partner of the OPL Finals Series!

The partnership saw the OPL  give away Neosurf Vouchers and in-game cosmetics including...
- Legendary and Epic skins
- Masterwork Chests & Keys
- $5,000 worth of Neosurf Vouchers

Teams we Support

We go beyond merely branding a team jersey, we constantly support our players!

Save More with Neosurf 🤑

Eneba shoppers can now save more when they pay with Neosurf in our latest promotion on Eneba.

We are also really excited about running an exclusive giveaway!
Neosurf Eneba
Neosurf has really levelled up its game within the esports industry throughout the last few months. Its latest deal with Riot Games’ OPL will solidify its position at the forefront of the brands tied to League of Legends in the Oceanic region.

Esports Insider

APRIL 17, 2020

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We go beyond merely branding a team jersey, we constantly support our players!
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